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एक बूंद

∼ अयोध्या सिंह उपाध्याय 

ज्यों निकल कर बादलों की गोद से
थी अभी एक बूंद कुछ आगे बढ़ी
सोचने फिर फिर यही मन में लगी
आह क्यों घर छोड़ कर मैं यों बढ़ी।

दैव मेरे भाग्य में है क्या बदा
मैं बचूंगी या मिलूंगी धूल में
या जलूंगी गिर अंगारे पर किसी
चू पड़ूंगी या कमल के फूल में।

बह गई उस काल कुछ ऐसी हवा
वह समुंदर ओर आई अनमनी
एक सुंदर सीप का मुंह था खुला
वह उसी में जा पड़ी मोती बनी।

लोग यों ही हैं झिझकते सोचते
जबकि उनको छोड़ना पड़ता है घर
किंतु घर का छोड़ना अक्सर उन्हें
बूंद लौं कुछ ओर ही देता है कर।

A Drop

∼ Ayodhya Singh Upadhyaya       (Translation by Nitin Kumar)

As leaving the bosom of the clouds,
A little drop of water had proceeded ahead
She started thinking again and again
Oh! Why did I leave my home like this?

O destiny, what would be my fate
Will I live or get swallowed up by dust?
Or would I burn out by falling on some fire?
Or I will land on a lotus blossom?

At that moment came a gust of breeze
And carried her unheeding to the sea
A beautiful oyster was open
Where she fell and became a pearl

People often hesitate and think
When they have to leave their homes
But quite often, leaving their homes
Transforms them like a tiny drop of water


College is an era of change. An era of confusion, lots of thinking and overthinking and contemplating what the future might look like. This was a fun project that my partner Akash and I did while we were figuring out what lies ahead of us. It’s when we recollected an old memory. 


During primary school, we were taught the poem “Ek boond” (A drop). The poem talked about the journey of a drop from the clouds to the earth. And later reveals the transformation the drop went through once it left its home, the clouds. The poem felt very relatable as we had left our home and were contemplating what awaits us. The future is never predictable. At times it takes some unexpected turns. Right? We thought so too. 


Here’s our adaptation and visualisation of the poem but with a little twist.


The clouds are thundering, the sky is lightning, and the wind is blowing. It is all dark and it just seems to rain. Up in the clouds, there is chaos everywhere. There is the happiness of discovering the new world, as well as there is the sorrow of separation. A mixed feeling is what everyone is going through.

In all of this chaos there sits alone boond, who is thinking about where and how will she end up? Tensed and excited she wonders, whether she will drop into the sea and wait for the next evaporation, or she will fall on the ground and get mixed up with the dust, maybe she will fall in someone's mouth and get mixed with saliva, or could even drop at a lotus petal and shine like a pearl.

All of a sudden cloud bursts and she starts to fall. Down and down she goes. She reaches the sea surface and falls into an oyster. Soon she becomes a pearl. Nothing better could happen to her, she thinks. A few moments later she gets free from the oyster and starts to roam freely in the sea. She got very carefree and enjoyed her transformation from a boond to a pearl.

Later on, she finds herself trapped somewhere. It becomes very difficult for her to get out of that huge trap. A little later she feels a huge pressure rushing toward her and takes her to a hole. Due to the large pressure, the trap blows up, and Boom! goes the whale. Yes the whale, the whale that galloped the pearl is now shattered in pieces like a balloon and the pearl is enjoying her carefree moment all over again.

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