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Glad to see you here :)

Seems like you are interested to see what's cooking in the official hours !


Radar X

Service Design | User Experience

Service that attempts to eradicate the take make and waste model for Bio-Medical Waste and create a decentralized network that distributes treatment and encourages material recovery.


Inclusive Design | User Experience

Designed assistive tech for people with Asperger's that converts other's emotions into haptic feedback and improves their social communication skills.



Universal Design | User Research

An introspective program that teaches children to empathise with people of different backgrounds and belonging through concealed yet engaging activities and games.


Design for All

Interaction Design | UI/UX

Redesigning a website with an improved & structured navigation and user flow. Developing a style guide to redesign the UI keeping it minimal and easy to understand.

design for all.png
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