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Hello Human.


Welcome to my creative universe, where pixels and wanderlust collide! 🌍 

I'm a product designer at Adobe, currently thriving on the art of shaping digital experiences with the Illustrator team. 

When I'm not crafting interfaces, you'll find me wandering to different places 🏍️ and filling my art journal with stories and colors.

Catch a glimpse of my design adventures, and the occasional burst of my creative energy.


Illustrator Web

Empowering vector workflows: Bringing Illustrator's core tools onto the web

Adobe XD

Streamlining design processes: Designing Intuitive Workflows in Adobe XD

Adobe Elements

Building a cohesive  mobile companion from the ground up for Adobe Elements

Home importing – 124_edited.jpg


Assistive tech for people with Asperger's to improves their  communication skills

Watch101 (1).png

Radar X

A circular service to efficiently dispose off syringe waste in India

Group 604.png


An introspective program that enables students to unlearn prejudices 


Lets Connect :)

I'm a keen learner and always open for new opportunities.

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